On behalf of all of us here on the Coast, I thank you! So many need so much.
Colonel Goff – Gulfport MS

From those of us in Hurricane Katrina’s direct path, I say “Thank you Colonels”. Recovery here in South Mississippi is slow but with the help of others from around our country we are building back.
Colonel Anderson – Long Beach MS

I had two and a half feet of water in my house and lost all of my furniture and files. My losses didn’t prove to be fatal and I will recover.

Glad to hear we are assisting in the Katrina relief effort. There are many persons down this way that are in dire need for assistance.
Colonel Mills – Pascagoula MS

I want to thank the Colonels for their support of the Katrina Relief efforts.
My wife’s sister has a slab left, my son’s had some walls standing but is destroyed and our home had hip high water in the main part of the house, shoulder high in the lower room. We will be able to restore our house in time. We are now in a FEMA camper trailer on the property. My wife has Parkinson’s, so it is difficult for her to get around in the trailer. I am not complaining, just trying to give you an idea of the devastation here. We are so much better off than many. There are many in tents or still living in cars.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get power back to the house. Right now we run extension cords from the FEMA temporary pole to work in the house.

We have had help from several of the Baptist groups and have seen at least one of the Kentucky workers in the neighborhood. Thanks.
Colonel Hammack – Gulfport MS

EDITOR’S NOTE: The assistance provided by Kentucky Colonels in the Gulf region was possible because of your continued support of the Good Works Program. We also thank all the Colonels who have written to us. We are proud to say all listed on this page are Good Works Program contributors.