Maryland Adds Colonel License Plate

The 600 plus Kentucky Colonels members who live in Maryland may now decorate their vehicles with a special Kentucky Colonel license plate.  The plate features the Kentucky Colonels’ logo and has the title Kentucky Colonel along the bottom.  A few plates are already in use.  If you live in Maryland and would like to display the plate on your vehicle(s), contact Headquarters to obtain the special application form.

Maryland turned out to be a very easy state to work with in creating the plate.  We were able to work directly with the Motor Vehicle Administration and only 25 prepaid applications were required in order to officially establish the plate.  Many states, including Virginia, require legislative approval before a plate can be created.  Others require the number of plates purchased to be at such a level that it is not possible for us qualify.  Still others will not authorize a plate for an organization that does not have a physical presence in the state.