For many, service and charity as a Colonel are a part of their life’s work. The Honorable Order offers several ways to memorialize a loved one who has completed a life well-lived.

Memorial Contribution

If it is a Colonel’s wish, upon his or her passing, to be remembered with a contribution to the Good Works program, please click below or call Headquarters at 502-266-6114.


If you would like to include the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels in an obituary or other information, we suggest the following:

 Gifts in memory of (Colonel’s name) can be mailed to The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, 943 South First Street, Louisville, KY 40203. 

Memorial Envelopes

If you would like to have addressed envelopes available at a Colonels’ visitation or memorial services, email or call Headquarters at 502-266-6848.


Forever memorialize a Kentucky Colonel’s commission with this commemorative headstone medallion. The “Great Seal” is reproduced in this 3.5″ brass marker, highlighted with weatherproof enamel paint. Click below for more information.