Kentucky Colonels Chapters

The Honorable Order is proud to re-introduce the long-standing heritage of clubs of the Honorable Order. Clubs or Affiliates have been around since the 1960s, and they have provided opportunities for individuals to come together in their local communities and continue the good works of the Honorable Order as a recognized official Kentucky Colonels Chapter.

Through chapters, the Honorable Order hopes to provide Colonels with the ability to create and foster meaningful relationships with local Colonels who enjoy giving back to their community and the Good Works Program. In addition, Chapters will provide an avenue to network, enhance the HOKC mission both for Kentuckians and locally, and strengthen the pride, bond, and meaning of the commission.

Chartered Chapters are those that are Official Chapters of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. For more information on starting a chapter or joining one in your area, please click the links below.  The Honorable Order team is currently working with the Interest Groups below throughout the country and world as they work to become a Chartered Chapter.  If you don’t see one near you, scroll down, and you’ll find information about how to start a chapter in your area. 

Chartered Chapters

United States

  • Cape Cod Veranda of Kentucky Colonels (Cape Cod)

Starting Your Own Chapter

If you would like to start a local Chapter, please review the Chapter Guidelines. If you have any additional questions, please contact Walter Munday at

Find the Colonels Chapter in your area and get involved!