2021 Tornado Disaster Relief Grants

On the night of December 10 tornados swept across western Kentucky, leaving unimaginable loss of life and property behind. True to its mission and legacy, the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels is working to assist residents in the region as they rebuild their lives as best they can. 


The day after the tornados hit, Colonels Shannon, Kristy, and Amy Ralston extended a $2 million challenge to the Colonels. The Honorable Order immediately matched $1 million of that, asking Colonels to match the remaining $1 million.


We are pausing on releasing additional tornado relief funding at this time as we develop relationships with representatives in the region and monitor how other funders are allocating their resources.  If your organization was affected by the tornados or is providing relief services in western Kentucky, please email epatterson@kycolonels.org for additional information.


Below you will find a list of organizations that have received emergency grants, along with a current tally of matching contributions from Colonels. To make your own contribution to this fundraising effort, click the blue “donate” button at the top of this page.


Click here to see the most recent relief-related news release.


Ralston Family Challenge
HOKC Million Dollar Match
Colonels' Million Dollar Match

1,582 contributors

Updated 05-09-2023